Since 2012, this community of Ariane cities has been actively working partnered with Airbus. The presidency of the CVA is certainly an important milestone within the municipal agenda for the next year.

This powerful network will strengthen cooperation between all different member cities. It will also allow to sensitize the local and regional administration, the industrial sector and the citizenry in general about the importance of space activity in Europe, as well as to promote the training and education of future professionals in the space sector in Seville and its metropolitan area.

The presidency of the CVA will allow Seville to improve the industrial network of its area of influence and raise awareness about the use of space technologies in the daily life of citizens. This will mean both new investments and the attraction of new European funds. It is an extraordinary opportunity for improving the knowledge level and the use of highly strategic European programmes such as Galileo and Copérnico among others.

Objectives of the Ariane community cities:

  • Informing citizens about the problems of the space sector, the remarkable knowledge of the aerospace industry and the role it plays in the Ariane cities.
  • Emphasizing the economic and social implications of the programs of European launchers and technological progress that they produce.
  • Communicating how important is for Europe to have independent access to space.
  • Facilitating the long-term partnership between Ariane cities, companies, space agencies, research institutes and educational agencies.
  • Offering programs of technical nature, cultural and educational.
  • Promoting the strategic role of French Guiana and the Guiana Space Center (CSG), the European spaceport.

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