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During 2019 the launches of the QUANTUM and CHEOPS satellites (CHaracterising ExOPlanets Satrellite) are planned.

CATEC together with CiTd have developed the flight fittings by additive manufacturing of the CHEOPS satellite of the European Aerospace Agency. This component will allow the connection to the lifting system of the solar panels of the system.

More information: http://sci.esa.int/cheops/

CATEC together with Airbus DS Space have validated in front of the European Aerospace Agency (ESA) the manufacturing and verification protocols of all the processes involved in the manufacture of the critical structure of the flight as well as the supports (in additive manufacturing) of the solar panels of the telecommunications satellite QUANTUM.

More information: https://www.eutelsat.com/en/satellites/future-satellites/Eutelsat-Quantum.html

The idea is to do a live show with French Guiana to see the launch and have live connections with the participants that will carry it out.