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Would you like to have the Universe at the palm of your hand? We invite you to our astronomical night where you will be able to observe the most fascinating objects of the Cosmos through powerful telescopies. In addition, you can ask to our astronomers every doubt that may arise during the evening.

The Moon, in its increasing phase, will be located that night in the constellation of Scorpio, near the bright star Antares, and illuminated in a 84%. In the area of ​​the lunar terminator we can see craters and other geographical features such as the beautiful Rainbow Bay. We can also contemplate the “seas” of Tranquility, Serenity, Fertility, Nectar and the Ocean of Storms. As for the planets, we can observe Jupiter with its four aligned Galilean satellites and, as its main attraction, Saturn with its rings. We will also see constellations such as Leo, the Great Bear, Sagittarius or Hercules, and we will talk about the asterism known as the Summer Triangle and the stars of the three constellations that form it.

The nocturnal observation depends on meteorological reasons so it could be suspended. To confirm its realization you can call the same day of the observation to the following number 955 657 611 from 18:00.



REGISTRATION: free entry while seats are available. Access to the activity will be done in shifts respecting the arrival order.