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Humans have succeeded in making the technology the key to our survival. One of the most important characteristics of “technology”, a term coined by the german erudite Juhann Beckmann in XVIII century to define the science in all professions, is that it is tremendously dynamic. The human and technology progress have always gone hand in hand and various reasons bolster them to a continuous and dizzy development. The word technology comes from two Greek terms: tekne, which means art, technic or profession; and logos, or knowledge areas. Our specie has converted technology in a genuine science intended for solving a lot of problems.

With this cycle, we invite you to learn more about the convergence of technologies in XXI century, the impact they will have and the changing potential they involve.

Cycle sessions:


DURATION: Every session of the workshop will last 1 hour.

TARJET AUDIENCE: General audience.


REGISTRATIONS: In the center´s ticket office or in www.caixaforum.es