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CBS, The British School of Seville, member of the Space Forum of the city of Seville, will carry out on Monday, the 10th of June, the launching of its GloBot project.

This Project has become the backbone of the entire School throughout this 18-19 year where our students have not only worked in workshops on Friday afternoons, but also presented for the first time the project at the Science Fair of Seville with our Science teachers: Mr Sierens, Mr Marin, Mr Wahl, Miss Ilona and Mrs Scott and finally, CBS Globot project has been one of the finalists among 105 other projects in the cicCartuja Award for Future Scientifics!

With the launching of GloBot to the stratosphere, we want to get some images of our school at every possible height up to 35,000 meters. GloBot is an helium-filled balloon attached to a parachute, and a capsule that houses an Arduino microcontroller that will act as the brain of the entire system. This microcontroller will be responsible for independently driving the capsule on its return flight to school. It also incorporates many sensors for the acquisition of environmental parameters (pressure, temperature, gas, etc.) and flight data, telemetry for Lora radio data transmission, and video and photography recording of the entire flight.

Free event. It requires registration and printed entry or presented with smartphone