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The concepts of artificial satellite and the different orbits that these can have using audiovisual resources and simple, everyday materials, such as inflatable balloons, ropes and ping-pong balls, will be introduced first.

In second place, it will be explained how the satellites are located from the Earth making use of the geographical coordinates of longitude and latitude. The case of the location of the ISS from Seville over time will be described as a practical example. It will be verified how the International Space Station is about to fly over the city at 400km of height.

Thirdly, the different systems that exist on board the International Space Station with which we can interact will be described: the real time video camera and the amateur radio station.

Fourth, a demonstration of an amateur radio antenna pointing in the direction in which the International Space Station is flying over the city will be made outside the building.

Fifth, it will be verified how the video camera of the Space Station collects the image of Seville and how we can detect the radio signal of the Station.