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Activity that offers visitors basic notions about the fascinating world of the observation of the celestial bodies, the scientific news about astronomy and the most relevant astronomical phenomena. Each month a double program consisting of an explanation of the most relevant astronomical events for the current month is offered, followed by a talk or conference of technical content related to astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology or space exploration.

  • 1st Part: Astronomical ephemerides by “Mercedes Torrecilla”
  • 2nd Part: The history of the expansion of our Universe by Antonio J. Cuesta

The discovery of the expansion of the Universe in the early twentieth century is a revolution in Astrophysics and marks the beginning of a challenge that has remained  alive until today: determining the current expansion speed, which is known as Hubble constant . But is this really a constant? What astrophysical objects are used to measure it? What physical properties condition the expansion speed of the Universe? Is it true that this expansion is accelerating? What implications can it have on the future of the Universe? We will treat all these aspects that are fundamental to know the distances of the distant objects from the measurement of the red shift of their spectral lines.

Antonio J. Cuesta, born in Granada, is professor at the University of Córdoba, where he teaches topics related to Quantum Mechanics, Atomic and Nuclear Physics and Particle Physics in the last years of the Degree in Physics. He has previously worked in the USA. and in Barcelona. His main research interests lies in the cosmological analysis of the Large Scale Structure of the Universe, focusing mainly on the measurement of cosmic distances from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.

TARGET AUDIENCE: All audiences

CONVOCATORY: Free admission until full capacity is reached.

DURATION: Estimated duration 1,5h.

www.casadelaciencia.csic.es. Seville European Capital of Space 2019.