Among the activities prepared  to celebrate the Presidency of Seville, CaixaForum Sevilla is organising for the next Wednesday the 3rd of April a talk with astronaut Jean-François Clervoy. The act will take place at 19:00, and a price of 5 euros.

The conference by Jean-François Clervoy will focus on different aspects of human space flight such as the amazing power of  the take off, the weightlessness, the back sky of daylight and the magnificent beauty of the Earth. He wil also talk about key aspects of working in a complex spacecraft: team spirit, robotic operations, spacewalks, fault management, associated risk and medical problems. Space exploration continually forces humans to increase their level of knowledge and demands a great commitment from engineers and scientists. This talk will address aspects of life on board, such as sleeping, eating, personal hygiene, handling of objects or free time, as well as the short and long term future of space exploration and Earth, a true Spaceship that we must take care of if we want to continue traveling in it.

Jean-François Clervoy is a French astronaute. He works and has been working for the NASA and ESA for 33 years. Born in 1958, JFC graduated from Ecole Polytechnique in 1981, from SupAero College of Aeronautics in 1983 and from Test Flying School in 1987. He flew in three missions aboard the space shuttle: in 1994 to study the atmosphere, in 1997 to replenish the Mir space station, and in 1999 to repair the Hubble space telescope. He has worked as a principal advisor of ESA’s human spaceflight programs and is president of Novespace, which organizes parabolic weightless flights aboard the Airbus A310 ZERO-G. He is an author, inventor and professional speaker. He is a member of several organizations for the space exploration promotion and for the protection of the planet Earth.