The first deputy mayor, Carmen Castreño, is present during a meeting of this network of cities and companies related to the aerospace industry.

The Space Forum of the City of Seville, which brings together more than 30 public and private entities, will launch an extensive program with more than 50 activities during 2019.

This morning, in Les Mureaux (Paris), the official step of the Presidency of the Ariane Community of Cities (CVA) took place, which in 2019 will be in Seville. The first deputy mayor of the Seville City Council, Carmen Castreño, attended the ceremony on behalf of the mayor, Juan Espadas.

“We will work to promote all the foundational objectives of this network of cities, putting in value the weight that the space sector has for Seville. In fact, 77 percent of the total number of companies in the sector operating in Andalusia are located in Seville, “said Castreño. The also delegate of Economy, Trade and Institutional Relations has called to take advantage of the repercussion of this presidency to strengthen the local aerospace sector and its business and employment opportunities.

The Community of Ariane Cities was created in 1998 and is made up of a score of cities and other European companies linked to the aerospace industry. Among its objectives is to sensitize the public about the importance of the space sector and the knowledge developed by the aerospace industry.

The CVA works to highlight the economic and social implications of European launcher programs and the technological progress they produce, highlight the importance of Europe having independent access to space, facilitate long-term cooperation between the cities of Ariane, their Companies, space agencies, research institutes and various educational bodies, offer technical, cultural and educational programs and promote the strategic role of French Guiana and the Space Center of Guyana (CSG), the European spaceport.

In 2015, Sevilla presented its candidacy to preside over the Community of Ariane Cities. This Presidency has an annual and rotating character, and in 2019 it will allow the city of Seville to develop numerous social, cultural, technical and informative initiatives to highlight the potential of the city as a great space pole of Southern Europe.

The presidency will be held jointly by the Seville City Council and Airbus, with the collaboration of the Space Forum of the City of Seville. The Forum was presented on October 3 during the celebration of the World Space Week. This forum brings together more than 30 entities of very diverse natures and will launch a varied and extensive program with more than 50 activities throughout the year, 10 of them being technical, 8 cultural, 23 of scientific dissemination, 2 of entrepreneurial entrepreneurship and 3 gender equality.

The presidency of the CVA will allow the Seville City Council to improve the industrial fabric of its area of influence and raise awareness about the use of space technologies in the daily life of citizens. In addition, the CVA will attract investments to Seville, internationally project its business network and raise funds from European projects, being also an opportunity to increase the level of knowledge and use of highly strategic European programs such as Galileo or Copernicus, among others.

Start of programming

The program of activities will begin on January 23, 2019 with the official presentation of the presidency in Seville, coinciding with the II Global Forum of Local Governments. In this forum, Sevilla, committed to the global challenges of the New Urban Agenda of the United Nations 2030, to be signed in Quito (Ecuador) in January 2019, wants to take advantage of the presidency of the CVA, to publicize the association in a space of encounter between local governments, where to advance in the fulfillment of the Objectives of Sustainable Development of the UN, to implement the Urban Agenda of 2030 and to make effective, also, the Agreement of Paris of fight against the climatic change.