The working meeting of the Forum of Space held in march, which has had the participation of the main Andalusian parliamentary groups, has served to take stock of the activities of the Presidency of the Community of Ariane Cities, and also as a celebration of the recent publication in the BOJA of motion approved unanimously in the Parliament of Andalusia, which supports the activities of the presidency and establishes great importance commitments for the space sector, such as the installation in Seville of one of the business incubators of the European Space Agency. The proposal,  was debated in the Committee on Economy, Knowledge, Business and University of the Parliament. It proposes a commitment of collaboration from all the administrations with the events that will be held during this year to raise among the Andalusian citizenship the importance of the use of technologies and support the Andalusian industry. The importance of this year is highlighted by the celebration in the city of the Ministerial Conference of the European Space Agency next November.

During the meeting of the Space Forum, the members, more than 40 entities, have known all the details of this motion. This includes as a second point, the request to the Governing Council to “maintain the organization of the next Ministerial Conference of the European Space Agency in Seville the 26th of November , 2019, contributing from the Andalusian Government to the ‘Declaration of Seville ‘, which plans to guide European space policy in the next 20 years” and which was approved at a recent United Nations meeting for the local evaluation of the Sustainable Urban Development Goals in the city. The organization of this ministerial conference has already been agreed between the central government and the Seville City Council.

The third point of the Proposal, which has been reported at the Forum meeting, proposes to the Governing Council the collaboration of the Junta de Andalucía in the organization of the next World Space Week from the 4th to the 10th October 2019 in all provincial capitals of Andalusia. This event has been celebrated in the city of Seville during the last years although this year it acquires special relevance due to the presidency of the Arianne City Network.

The fourth point of the motion urges the Regional Government to “initiate the necessary actions for the elaboration of an Andalusian Space Plan“, with four main work lines: first, to dynamise from the Regional Government the Andalusian Space Conference, with the purpose of making the regional space agents known, promoting cooperation among themselves and with public administrations; Secondly, to create specific lines of research in the R & D policies of the Board, both through PAIDI and other possible programs, in order to promote research around the space between scientific research groups, universities and companies; third, to maintain the working group that prepares a diagnostic document and a strategic plan for the creation of a future Andalusian Space Agency; and fourthly, to increase the bonds of cooperation between the Junta de Andalucía and the Ministry of Defense of the Government of Spain for the use in relation to the research and the spatial experimentation of the El Arenosillo Experimentation Center (Cedea), belonging to the National Aerospace Technician Institute (INTA), located in Mazagón, Huelva.

Finally, the fifth point of the proposal urges the Government of the nation to create a Spanish Space Agency.