The 165 ª session of the Aerospace Forum of Andalusia has been dedicated to the vision of the aeronautical sector from a trade union perspective, those managers for the two major unions, UGT and CC. OO. have agreed in the need to encourage the pride of belonging to this sector in Andalusia, and what it means to be part of a leading, pioneering and highly innovative project at a European and international level. In addition, both unions have emphasized the need for greater support from public administrations at all levels: local, regional and national.

Thus, Juan Rojo, member of UGT in the European Committee of Airbus and head of the aeronautical sector at UGT Sevilla, has highlighted the need for more public support: “We have the necessary in training, in industry, what we need is a little support from the locals, regionals and nationals administrations to get strength facing the competition in Europe. “The patronal–has added–by much effort it makes, needs at the end the support of the administrations. We need to believe it but also increase our financial muscle”.

“It is a must to recognise that the aeronautical and spatial system developed in Seville is pioneer, with milestones such as participation in the A400M. We have to know that our region can work with the main industrial nuclei of the planet. We have unique values such as, institutional, climatological, training. We have to have more faith in what we can do as Sevillians and Andalusians“, he said.

For his part, Manuel Nogueras, member of the Union section of CC. OO. in Airbus Tablada, has put into value the triple dimension of space activity in Andalusia: economic, scientific and social. Thus, from the economic point of view, Nogueras has stated that “only 2.2% of the aerospace sector of Andalusia corresponds to contributions of the space business, and the achievable goal should be 5%“. As for the scientific dimension, the head of CC. OO. has warned that “if Andalusia wants to have a reliable aerospace industry, it needs a solid technological base within an intelligent specialization in what capacities to develop and what specific research to undertake.” However, Nogueras has put into value the commitment of the Andalusian aerospace sector with I + D + i. “We must not forget –he added– that the successes of innovation policies derive resources for cohesion policies“. Finally, on the social dimension, he has advocated that “any initiative that we adopt must be supported by the sufficient organisational, technological, financial and human resources that give the guarantees of future and viability”. In this sense, he has defended the need to accelerate the aerospace strategic Plan of Andalusia 2020/24 oriented to European spatial strategy and the basic pillars of Horizon 2020, and has insisted on the importance of creating a Spanish space agency. In this context, Carlos Gómez Camacho, professor of thermodynamics at the School of Engineering of the University of Seville and coordinator of the Forum, recalled the recent approval by the Andalusian Parliament of the proposal not of law for the Impulse of the space Sector in Andalusia, a measure that both Unions have welcomed with optimism.